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Makeup On Teens – A Taboo?

Makeup On Teens – A Taboo?

What is makeup? Is it just pigments you put on your skin? Is it a form of art or a way to express yourself? Is it just a medium to hide your flaws or enhance them? According to the ‘Urban Dictionary’ makeup is ‘A shadow that people tend to hide in’. 

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Our world is a dark, overpopulated place where our voices might get drowned due to all the unnecessary commotion and sometimes we just want a medium to either escape our reality or express ourselves while staying in it. Makeup plays a big role in this. To let go of our thoughts in the form of colors on our bodies is heaven to many. So, why should this be restricted to an age group? Every functioning human being feels which means they also require a medium to empty their chest of the feelings they have stored inside, why should expressing oneself only be allowed to adults? 

Many believe letting teen girls use makeup is equivalent to them growing up far too soon and they focus too much on their appearance.  Some argue that wearing makeup may lead to body image issues or make teens feel pressure to live up to societal beauty standards. Even though these beliefs cannot be disregarded, we can also not deny that makeup is a fun and creative way to help the youth communicate with the world in their way. Makeup also provides a sense of confidence and self-esteem for those who may be struggling with self-image issues.


The teen years are the time to figure life out. Without any tension, the time to move at your own pace. This is the time when you want to scream at the world to acknowledge your existence. You want to shout “Hello world. I exist”. Just to know you are known and will be remembered, is what you thrive for. When you know you have left a mark in this world, is when you are truly happy. While you figure out how you’re going to achieve all your dreams and end up happy, we at Elitty want to help you on this journey. Makeup might have been a taboo in the earlier years, but now it is a superpower. It gives you the power to transform yourself and showcase a new person, emotion or personality while unapologetically trying to find the real you.


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