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Why Elitty? – The Need For A Beauty Brand Focused On Teenagers

Why Elitty? – The Need For A Beauty Brand Focused On Teenagers

Makeup. One word, the power of many. Whether it be bold eyes or painted lips, from rouge cheeks to multi-colored nails, every glide, tint and swatch plays a significant role in forming a masterpiece - a makeup look. Many people use makeup to feel and look their finest. It has been found that girls start wearing makeup as early as the age of thirteen. Even though there are numerous major makeup brands available to shop from, that does not mean they are safe for teens. It is known that these brands use chemicals in their products that harm the hormonal skin of teens. Their main aim with the same dull reds and pinks and synthetic products is to cater to women, not young girls. When all brands focus solely on the ladies, Elitty is the first Indian makeup brand only for teens. With products made with the goodness of natural ingredients like witch hazel, amla and avocado oil, our products are not only suitable for teen skin but also help improve skin health. When teens shop from a brand they know is focused exclusively on them without judging their choices and provides them with relevant ones, they get a sense of ownership. 

The teenage years can be stressful. They are filled with feelings, and the superior ones are mostly fear and confusion as teens try to find their place in the world. Whether it be happy, sad, sassy or angry, they need a medium to express themselves. That’s where makeup comes in. They express themselves through it. If we feel in color, not in black and white then how can we adequately convey ourselves when all we are being provided with are the same monotonous colors? The different makeup looks help teens transform, expressing one emotion then another.  A wing makes teens feel sassy, a bold makes them think they are ready to take on the world and a cat is just sharp enough to kill with one look all because of that precision. That lilac to love, orange to give rise to that fire inside, and a blue that rivals the ocean's colors. So listen up all (yes, you teens), when all you asked for was makeup suitable for your skin, we gave you an array of products curated ONLY for you, when you asked for crazy-colored eyeliners, we gave you CRAZY, and when you asked for all this makeup to be available in a pocket-friendly amount, we not only did that but ALSO launched bundles for you to look your way in ELITTY. 

Elitty's goal is to help you define your relationship with makeup while you figure it all out.


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