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The Power of Gen Z - How the trends change from subtle to bold

The Power of Gen Z - How the trends change from subtle to bold

With Gen Z’s ever-changing moods and feelings, so do the trends. Whether it’s fashion or makeup, we LOVE to try new things and check whether it’s a smash or a pass. Here are some trends that left lasting impacts in the beauty industry, both good and bad –

The ‘Natural’ look

Free Cheerful young redhead woman making grimace in park Stock Photo

It’s like that newbie in school who everybody’s cool with. With subtle makeup, this trend grew popular over the pandemic. Due to the lockdown with no places to go, this look helped to look fresh and clean with minimal makeup 

Glossy and Dewy Skin

How to get glowing skin | Liberty

Previously, Matte was ALL one could see. But now with multiple products (one of the bests being Just Dew it Hydrating Face Mist by Elitty Beauty ;) ), hydrated-looking and feeling skin can be achieved (with just a few sprays)

Heavy and blocky brows

Free Woman Holding a Banana near Her Ear Stock Photo


A trend that has transformed into a big no is having chunky brows. Nowadays, all of Gen Z personally hate every millennial they find with stout brows because (i) they look artificial and (ii) Why go for the worse when you have a good one?  Lining your natural brow shape and filling it in is what everyone is raving about.

Colorful Eyeshadows:

Free Woman with Bushy Eyebrows and Purple Eyeshadow  Stock Photo

The new love. The joy it gives us Net Gens to see those oh-so-colourful eyes. You can either go crazy with colours or keep it classy with nudes. The best part? With or without a cut crease, an eyeshadow look is the easiest to master.

Graphic Eyeliners

If you’re not using chromatic liners, what are you doing? The one true loves of today’s makeup generation is eyeliner. Siren eyes or doe, red cat or yellow curves, just a stroke helps transform the whole makeup look. The boldest and most vibrant in the ‘liner game are Elitty’s Pop Liners. With 16 colours, they’re enough for all your moods. 

Glitter and Sparkle

11 Amazing Ways to Wear Glitter Eye Makeup – Faces Canada

Now this is a tricky one. Glitter only looks good when done correctly, and it is a TASK to manage to incorporate just the right amount of glitter. If you go overboard, you’ll be the disco ball in the party, reflecting light in a bad way.

Lip Gloss and Lip Tints:

Free Positive African American female with wavy hair applying lip gloss while doing daily beauty routine Stock Photo

The new normal. Nobody loves cakey lipsticks anymore. All that’s good right now are lip glosses and tints. And you know what? Elitty’s got you covered, even here! With three melancholic hues of red in both gloss and tint, we’re the perfect answer to your lip color prayers.


Today, Makeup is not simply about making one look pretty. We, Gen Z, have changed how makeup had been used for a long time. We’ve broken taboos and rules and established our individual ones. Whether you want all-out glam or just a touch of color is all on you, because now it’s all about you.

Makeup has provided a voice to many. Whether as a medium of rebellion or assertion. Makeup is power. Red lips help to like a boss, crazy eyeliners help calm a girl down and rosy cheeks help form a true masterpiece on the queen’s face, which reflects exactly what she feels inside.



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