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Makeup Phases Of A Teenager

Makeup Phases Of A Teenager

The teenage years. We remember them because of those experimental looks and constant mood swings. Whether it be new relationships or makeup looks, both ignite passionate feelings among the youth. Makeup is a weapon wielded to express oneself, who we are on the inside.  Here are 4 of the ‘phases’ a teen goes through when they start their journey of makeup.

1. The natural look - Early teens start by using only the basics - moisturizer on their face; a light smear of blush running across the cheeks; a pink tinted lip balm for the lips and a wing on the eyes, that tells just from a look, is trying to be perfected. All of this, which was learned by just looking at their mothers or sisters.

Girls Putting On Makeup And Lipgloss Stock Photo - Download Image Now - Pre- Adolescent Child, 10-11 Years, Activity - iStock
2. The Bright and Bold - The mid-teens are a time for self-expression through makeup. Whatever teens feel, they will let you know with their makeup. If they are happy, they will probably go with a vivid lip and a colorful eye; If they are feeling down, only lip balm and a very sad smooth wing will tell off their mood and if they feel angry, you can welcome a fiery eye with black kohl eyes and a bold lip.

Free Young Brunette Girl Wearing Makeup and Resting Her Head on Her Hands  Stock Photo

3. The emo look - BLACK. That’s all there is. Black-lined eyes and lips, no blush and pale skin. The only word other than black that can describe this look is rad. The word itself sounds rash and dangerous, just the vibes an ‘emo’ person portrays.  

|E-girls and e-boys - Wikipedia

4. The glow party - During the elder teen years, teens just want to hop on that sparkle train and be all about the glow. They serve glitter eyeshadows, dewy looks and a whole lot of sass. The makeup routine gets advanced. Using SPF infused products is something teens add to their makeup routines. Even with these add-ons, the celebration of life never stops. 

To try and express oneself in a world filled with evil people who want to suppress your opinions is not an easy task. When the world is governed by unjust morals, it can feel terrifying to navigate oneself through it. Elitty wants to be there with you, while you go through it all. We want to be a part of your highs and lows while you find your place in the world and express yourself freely. 

"To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment." - Ralph Waldo Emerson


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